As a huge pumpkin fan, I’m surprised it took me this long to open the bottle of Southern Tier’s Pumking I had sitting around since September. Anything pumpkin, I’m there. I’ve been trying to make a bigger effort to try the variety of pumpkin beers this fall and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s currently sitting at A- on Beer Advocate.

I really liked this beer – it’s the closest beer to pumpkin pie I’ve ever had, which I really liked. However, at 8.6% ABV, I felt that the alcohol level – while something I didn’t mind – was far too offset by the sweetness of the beer. I would’ve liked a bit more bite. But, being sweet isn’t a bad thing.

Sidenote: When I was in Boston recently I had a couple meals at Boston Beer Works and loved their beers. I had a similar experience, though. Each time I ate I got a flight of beer. All good, but they tasted too sweet. Four ounces was a good enough sample.

I split the Pumking with a couple friends and that felt about right. I had maybe eight ounces of the beer and while I wished I had some more, another glass would’ve been too much. I’ll definitely drink it again – a full 22 ounce bomber acts as a fine dessert.

4 thoughts on “Pumking

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