Bison’s Gingerbread porter

I’m a bit indifferent on Bison’s Gingerbread ale. Then again, I’m always a bit indifferent toward organic beer. I picked this beer up because I’d never had it and figured I should give it a shot. Beer Advocate seems to agree with me with a rating of B.

I’ve had Bison’s honey basil beer, which is good, but not great. Their gingerbread beer falls into the same category. A porter brewed with ginger, nutmeg and “a touch of cinnamon,” it tastes more like a “light” porter. Not light in flavor or body, but lighter than I expected from a craft porter. It had a less “porter-ish” taste, although I didn’t mind. The nutmeg was probably the most noticeable flavor and not overpowering. The smell is good and what you’d expect.

In the category of Christmas-type beers, this would fall in the middle for me. If I’m going to have something with these spices, I’d want it to be a bit more powerful. It’s been a year since I’ve had them, but Anderson Valley Winter Solstice is among my favorites.

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