Founder’s Breakfast Stout

If you like beer, chances are you’ve had Founder’s Breakfast Stout. If you like beer and have had Founder’s Breakfast Stout, you know it’s good. Others agree – it currently has an A on Beer Advocate.

This breakfast stout is among my favorite coffee-laced stouts. It has a good coffee character, but balances it well with the smell and taste of chocolate. Granted, I am yet to have Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast, so this will do just fine for me.

Tonight I had the Founder’s brew with a brownie sundae. Not breakfast, but it did just fine for me. I let the beer sit for 15 minutes or so before starting to drink. This is one that’s good to warm up. I found that eating it with the brownie sundae brought out a bit more of the coffee flavor, perhaps because I was already getting chocolate mixed in with my taste buds.

While I won’t ever drink two of these in a row, it’s not like it would be a chore to do so. The flavor is strong – coffee up front and then a more mild chocolate flavor filling the back-end. I typically enjoy Founder’s beers because they aren’t afraid to have a “higher” IBU content – that and they all taste good. The breakfast stout sits at 60 IBUs, but there isn’t a strong hoppiness that would dare overshadow the chocolate-coffee that you know you’re getting from this beer. At ~8 ABV, you’ll never know. This is a rare beer that tastes just like it smells.

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