Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

I had a bottle of the Sam Adam’s Chocolate Bock a while ago, before it was included in the winter variety pack, and don’t think I particularly cared for it. So, when I saw it was this season’s pack, I figured it woulnd’t hurt to give it another shot. Going into having the beer, it stood at B on Beer Advocate.

The beer poured just as remembered and had a typical malty, bock smell. Just a hint of chocolate in the nose, but mostly what you’d expect from a flavored bock to be. The taste was much better than what I remembered.

Like the Black & Brew, this beer was pretty smooth and easy to drink. The taste kind of flip-flopped the smell – a bit more chocolate than you’d expect from sniffing it. You can easily get chocolate and malt flavors and a nice bock finish you’d expect from that kind of beer. I sipped my glass of the beer for about 20 minutes and over that time the chocolate became a bit more pronounced as the beer warmed up slightly.

I could drink multiple bottles of this, but two would probably be enough. Nothing is terribly overpowering but also nothing really sticks out. I liked this bottle of the chocolate bock much more than when I had it the first time around.

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