Homebrew – Double IPA

I’ve got this beer almost set to move over to my secondary fermenter next week. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a double IPA recipe from Austin Homebrew to which I added about two pounds of honey. My goal is to try and eventually get to some kind of balance of my own scaled-down version of Bell’s Hopslam. I am fully aware it will take multiple tries.

I followed the normal recipe for the brew, which has three kinds of hops: Chinook, Centennial and Galena. All three were added during the boil and I’ve got extra packets of Galena for dry hopping in the secondary. I added the honey at high krausen after pasteurizing it. There’s about five gallons sitting in the fermenter right now, so I doubt the honey will end up being enough to having serious taste. That wasn’t my goal, but I think I’ll want to add more next time.

The hop smell is wonderful. I switched from the blow-off tube to a regular air lock today and the beer smells like it’s ripe with hops. I used the blow-off tube at first because the fermentation was going to be so strong many brewer comments I read online said they had issues with a regular stopper. It was really rocking the first few days, so that would’ve happened to me. I double-pitched my yeast, so that would’ve been expected.

This will get moved to a secondary next week and bottled the first weekend of January. Can’t wait to taste it.


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