Ska Brewing’s Modus Hoperandi

… because I don’t discriminate against cans. I recently bought a six-pack of Ska Brewing’s Modus Hoperandi – their flagship IPA. It’s currently sporting a B on Beer Advocate.

The beer is perfectly fine – a good mass-market IPA. Good hoppy smell that isn’t overbearing at all. The right amount for someone who likes IPA but maybe isn’t insane about IPAs and wants a nose full of hops. It had the kind of almost citrus/floral smell you’d expect. The taste was similar. Maybe slightly dry, but only so much that it’d start to bother you if you had three of these in a row. Overall, I’d say it’s better than Latitude 48 by Sam Adams but I’d rather have a Dogfish 60 Minute if given the option.

What I was most curious about was what to pair the beer with. Given the general IPA smell/taste, I thought the beer would actually go well with breakfast-type food. (It’s worth noting this was eaten/drank for dinner)

I had the beer with a onion/green pepper/vegetarian sausage/cheddar omelet. It worked out well. If I pair an IPA with anything, it’s typically chocolate chip cookies – try it. The more generic the better. This was my first time trying to pair something specific with an IPA, however. The eggs are light enough to compliment the beer, whereas other protein – like burger or steak – would overpower it. The onion/pepper mix was a good idea too, because it adds to the earthy floral essence of the beer. I’m not sure if real sausage would be different than fake “sausage” I had in the omelet, but it was added more for the spiciness than meat flavor. It added a little, but I think if I were to do this paring again, I’d leave it out. The vegetables and eggs worked well enough.

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