Mikkeller’s cognac-aged Black Hole stout

If I knew any better, I’d say that Mikkeller’s cognac-aged black hole stout and Fullsteam’s Igor were separated at birth. I am very glad I had this one. It’s currently got a 92 on Beer Advocate.

The look of the beer when poured was phenomenal with nice black brew and a great, brown foam. It looks just like a dark, malty stout. The smell is very close to that of a bourbon-aged beer, which makes sense, so it has a definitely whiff of alcohol, but not too much.

It tastes fantastic. The mouthfeel is very smooth and it’s got a great initial stout flavor with hints of chocolate and caramel. There’s a sweetness at the finish, but I think like Igor, it’s attributed to how well aged it is. If it weren’t for the smell (or label), I’d never know this beer was 13.1% ABV. I drank the full 12 ounces over about 40 minutes or so and as it warmed up I got more caramel flavor and just a hint of coffee.

Really the only downside of this beer is that there’s no really special “cognac flavor” to it. It’s a great, great beer, but I was hoping for a very unique experience and just got a normal unique one. I cannot wait to pop their tequila-aged black hole later this week.

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