He’Brew’s Jewbelation 15

I needed something with a kick to get me through the Duke-UNC game last week, so I went with He’Brew’s Jewbelation 15. At 15 percent ABV, it’s kind of a steal for the $8 paid for it. Most craft brews at that high gravity would be about twice that much. To wit, it’s got a 90 on Beer Advocate.

While the alcohol flavor takes something away, what this is at its core is just a super malt bomb. The premise of the beer is its brewed with 15 malts and 15 hops, but I’d love to know the quantity and recipe timing for those hops because they don’t show up at all. If anything, I suppose this would fall under the category of an imperial stout, although the chocolate tones you’d normally get from that kind of beer aren’t terribly present with this one. Maybe a barleywine too? A specific categorization is hard to come by. Along with the malt, there could be some molasses and sugar, although not in a really sweet way.

Between the alcohol content and flavor profile, it reminded me slightly of a toned down World Wide Stout.

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