Mikkeller Sorachi Ace single-hop IPA

Slowly but surely, I continue to work my way through Mikkeller‘s single-hop IPA series. The latest I tried – their Sorachi Ace blend – was probably one of the more unique versions. It’s got a 86 on Beer Advocate.

What I love about this series of beers is that on a whole, you won’t find ways to really get to know each hop variety in this kind of fashion. Sure, Brooklyn has their much-appreciated Sorachi Ace brew (92 on Beer Advocate), but where else will I get to have a beer made solely of Citra or Nelson Sauvin? To me, it’s the best way to really get to know each hop variety and what they offer. For reference, here’s what Brew-Dudes.com has to say in a short and simple look at its profile:

Aroma/Flavor: Lemony – all sources stated it’s lemon aroma and taste.

It’s worth noting that at 10.7 – 12.2 percent for alpha acid content (what makes the hop bitter, essentially) Sorachi Ace is a good hop for bittering and would otherwise be novel as flavor and aroma hop for a beer like this. But that’s what makes this beer so interesting – everything is well rounded instead of just getting the bitter, taste or smell of the hop.

The pour of this beer is wonderful – big bubbles you can easily spot from a mile away that just waft the Sorachi Ace hop smell right up the glass. I used my summer glass for this beer with the hope it would boost aromatic characteristics.

There are aspects of this hop – at least to me – that impart aromas and flavors I’ve never had before from a beer. On the nose, I smell mint, herbs and a tart orange. On my tongue, the earthy herbs at first (almost like the sweet mint of the smell), then what made me think of whipped cream and lemon at the end. The aftertaste? Dill and/or pickle. Yes, this is a strange one. But that’s why I liked it so much.

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4 thoughts on “Mikkeller Sorachi Ace single-hop IPA

  1. I would love to have Mikkeller single hops for my hop series posts, but I can never find the damn things. Argh (shakes fist)!

    1. I never saw Mikkeller until I moved to NC. Do you get any of their other beers or the distribution just doesn’t reach you at all?

      1. We get some in VA. One of the stores even has some Evil Twin (the brothers share a similar pricing strategy, unfortunately). But I don’t remember ever having seen any of the Mikkeller single hops.

      2. I’ve never had Evil Twin, but definitely been interested. I’ll drop you a line on Twitter if you’re super-interested in the single hops.

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