Sixpoint Brewery Apollo – it was love at first sip (and second, and third…)

The note I made on Untappd when I opened my first-ever can of Sixpoint brew was “My god.” Among the first notes I made on my Rate That Beer sheet was “Holy shit.” This was a wonderful find from my trip back home to NY and something I wish was distributed here in NC.

This is how my relationship with Sixpoint Brewery appropriately began – with cursing and pleasure rolled into one. My first Sixpoint was Apollo, which was also my first kristalweizen beer – a style of German wheat ale. It’s got a 89 on Beer Advocate.

The look of the beer was beautifully clear with a quick but diminishing head. Lacing stuck around to help float lots of fruity notes – apricot works to break through but is simply bludgeoned back by banana. So. Much. Banana. But it works great with other shifts of wheat, sweat malt and even aromas of fresh cream. Banana pudding? It could work. Thank you, Sixpoint.

Bless these brewers hearts, the taste was even better. My first sip exploded with flavor that started just a bit tart, but rolled into sour cherry. A bubblegum sweetness mixes with the light, banana esters making the beer sweet and refreshing. The light body also makes it incredibly easy to drink and with 5.2 percent ABV, that’s simple.

I never wanted to put this beer down. It was smooth but left my tongue dry, making it even harder to deny my lips another shot at my glass. While summer is quickly dwindling across the country, this beer calls to me as a perfect way to say goodbye.

Needless to say, this was a great beer. All I can do is cry myself to sleep knowing I can’t get Sixpoint here in NC. Hit the jump for my Rate That Beer sheet.

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