Sixpoint Bengali Tiger (rawr)

You can’t always get what you want … *tear

I have had wonderful success with my initial entries into the Sixpoint brew catalog, but my luck had to run out at some point. Thankfully I’ve still got a couple cans left after my experience with Bengali Tiger, which was rather disappointing. Apparently I’m the only one who didn’t get theirs – it has a 88 on Beer Advocate.

I will say this – Sixpoint is on target with the name. I loved the orange-amber hue of the beer, but was disappointed that the beer had next to no head after my initial pour. An unfortunate promise of things to come.

This beer could’ve used more American hops. Or patriotic salutes. Or bald eagles.

Everything about this IPA seemed fairly basic to me. The smell gave off pretty solid bitterness of its hops, which Sixpoint only describes as “citrus hop bitterness.” I couldn’t easily find specifics about the hop profile of this beer, but’s page on Bengali Tiger notes the beer uses “massive quantities of whole East Kent Goldings hops to dry hop.” As a “noble hop,” East Kent Goldings seems strange for an American IPA – it’s a British-native hop with relatively low alpha acid (4 to 5.5 percent) but I suppose if you use “massive quantities” you could get a punch out of it. The smell of hops was very bright to match with the “massive” signifier, but I couldn’t get much more than an earthy citrus smell. In my head, I imagine the brew itself must’ve had a great amount of American hops during the brew process and then the Goldings for dry-hoping, otherwise it would’ve been even more boring.

I admit the taste was at least a bit more interesting, giving off the same bitterness up front but at least it opens the windows and lets some orange and grapefruit citrus waft out. Oddly enough, some sweet caramel malt fights to come out, giving the beer some biscuit notes, but it just gets bludgeoned by the bitter aroma, which impacts my taste, which makes it a downer.

What I wanted was an intense, original IPA. What I got what was a pretty bland (to me) experience.

What I wanted and what I got…

At 62 IBUs, this beer is probably toward the mid-to-higher end of the bitterness spectrum, which makes sense. It’s just something that I won’t be flocking back to buy next time I’m in a distribution area. Womp womp.

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3 thoughts on “Sixpoint Bengali Tiger (rawr)

  1. I’m with you on this one. My reaction to it was: Yaaaaawn. I checked my notes, I apparently decided that it didn’t pass my hop underwriting department because the bitterness wasn’t worth the flavor down-payment.

    1. Part of my problem might have been building it up in my head, especially since it seems to be pretty well-liked by plenty of others. Win some, lose some.

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