It’s Tax Season! Beer Audit … ‘The Session’ March 2013

Adam over at Pints and Pubs is hosting this month’s “Session,” a monthly opportunity for bloggers  around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic.

Adam has proposed the idea of a beer audit – his annual ritual of taking into account all the brews he has around the house. As we’re in the midst of tax season, I thought an actual beer audit would called for. It’s really what the IRS should be focusing on anyway.

So, here’s my “breW-2” statement covering the 2012 calendar (click to enlarge):

audit full

session_logo_all_text_300Brought to you by “The Session” #73. Cheers to Adam at Pints and Pubs for hosting this month’s gathering. I’ll be hosting the April 2013 edition with the theme of “Beer Balance.”

+Bryan Roth

9 thoughts on “It’s Tax Season! Beer Audit … ‘The Session’ March 2013

  1. LOL … I love it. breW-2. I feel like your reported compromises with wife if low. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’d probably have to confirm that figure with The Missus, because you’re probably right.

  2. Hey , I’m a little confused : Beer stays around the house ? Doesn’t happen .

    1. Technically, while it’s in your belly it could still be construed as “around the house.” Loopholes!

      Cheers and have a great weekend, Dan!

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for contributing

  4. Great idea for a post, but 60 gallons of homebrew! Wow.

    Will look forward to your announcement post – it sounds like an interesting topic.

    1. I was very ambitious in 2012, homebrewing 12 five-gallon batches. I still have lots and lots of bottles sitting around my house. Thankfully, I’ve had friends willing to go through the grueling task of helping me drink them all.


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