Another Pumpkin Beer Because I Have a Problem: Chucks Pumpkin Ale


Like a Kardashian on your TV, I have no shame. Which is why I’m jumping back into another pumpkin beer. But it’s OK because it’s a special beer since it was muled to me from it’s birthplace in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Battered Boar’s Chucks Pumpkin Ale has ingredients that read like a pretty tasty pie – it includes “sugar pumpkins,” pecans, vanilla beans and more. Essentially, it sounds the perfect fall combination to march me slowly toward diabetes. The color of the beer was certainly spot on, giving off a nice orange-amber hue similar to what you’d find with a pie.

There wasn’t much going on with the smell, except malt accented with clove, brown sugar and nutmeg. The taste was more inline with what you’d expect from a pumpkin pie – all the same characteristics of the smell but with a good amount of pumpkin puree flavor. If I tried hard, I suppose I could sense some vanilla, but who wants that in a pumpkin pie? Not me.

Even with it’s trip across the country through hot days and cool nights, it still was far from the worst pumpkin beer I’ve had. For that, it earns some pie slices

pumpkin pie-pumpkin beer-beer-fall-autumn-pumpkin-three

(Confused? Check out my post explaining my pumpkin beer rating system)

+Bryan Roth
“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac

8 thoughts on “Another Pumpkin Beer Because I Have a Problem: Chucks Pumpkin Ale

  1. Reblogged this on Proper_Pour and commented:
    Tis the season…almost.

  2. That goatee’d pumpkin label is really off-putting.

      1. Personally, I like my anthropomorphized food products to be clean shaven. It’s more hygienic. No one likes to get food that requires a full face hair net.

  3. ithink is right about the label .
    I like a good pumpkin beer once in a long long long while . Mojave Brewing Co. makes a good one . The world could probably , though , do without pumpkin beer . What about jalapeno beer ? I made a beer once with a Guatamalan pepper , hotter than hell , in each bottle . It cured several ailments , but no one would drink it except me .

    1. No pumpkin beer!? Those are fighting words, good sir.

      I’d agree with you on pepper/chili beers. It’s hard to do them right, but it’s also fun to make them to your taste. I really enjoyed a jalapeño blonde I made, although I’ve come across commercial options who go crazy just because they can.

      1. Okay , so the world can’t do without pumpkin beer . My bad . I don’t know what got into me .

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