Session Bonus Feature: Excuse Me, But There’s Red, White and Blue in My Beer


Yesterday, I submitted my monthly entry to The Session, a collaborative project with beer writers from around the world. Fun stuff I hope you got to check out.

As with a few of my previous “Session” entries, I decided to use photos to give my take on things. Luckily, Friend of the Program from offered to help me out. We had a couple good shots that ended up in the post, but there were other fun ones I didn’t want to simply fall to the wayside.

My goal, with her help, was to present a non-serious, hopefully-humorous take on the topic, which was “USA versus Old World Beer Culture.”

For “Old World,” I assumed that meant fancy and respectful, so we planned props like a tuxedo (T-shirt), bowler hat and the epitome of Old World fanciness, a monocle. See the picture that was chosen as “best” for my purposes in my post, but I really liked this shot, taken while we were figuring proper lighting:

Something about the lighting and my serious face – all the while preparing for a completely not serious shot – made me really like this photo. Kind of like a sad clown.

There was also this picture, captured at the last second as I was preparing my beer to drink. You can click to enlarge, with the coup d’état getting (literally) the very last drop of beer from the bottle falling into the glass. You can subtly spot it against the brown wall:


Dressing up wasn’t the only fun and games, as dressing down to represent “USA culture” was a good time. Again, check out the original post to see the picture chosen, but this was a pretty intense shot of me in “preparation”…


Yes, that is a Rock Band guitar for extra “USA” effect.

By far, my favorite picture of the shoot was another accidental one, taken while we were just trying to get positioning/lighting just so. I call this one my “Hello, ma’am” shot, accidentally taken in a very proper cowboy pose:


I hope that between some of my posts – especially my recent Session posts – you get the idea that a little levity is enjoyed around these parts. I love beer very seriously, but I also take my writing as an opportunity to have some fun. This photo shoot and post was just another way to smirk at beer and beer culture.

Again, thanks to for photo help.

+Bryan Roth
“Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life.” — Jack Kerouac

6 thoughts on “Session Bonus Feature: Excuse Me, But There’s Red, White and Blue in My Beer

  1. ROFL! Ding hated what you did and that makes me love it even more. Kudos all around!

    1. Ha! It’s all for a good laugh. What a miserable person I am for not bowing down!

      1. The picture with the beer flying was amazing. You should also dress up more. Take the wife out on the town, and tux-t it up!

      2. I assure you, I look much more presentable when not wearing novelty clothing!

      3. Horrid, simply incredulous! And that is why I follow your blog.
        *Standing ovation*


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