Brew EDU: What is ‘Natural Flavoring’ in Beer and Why Use It?

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I spend thinking a lot about beer, which often leads me to questions about processes like brewing, selling or packaging the product. As I try to learn more, I figured it would be fun to share. So … “Brew EDU.” Are you curious about something? Contact me on Twitter. Let’s get nerdy…

Chances are, you’ve seen it on bottles in your favorite beer shop: “brewed with natural flavoring.”

But what does it mean?

A variety of things, really … But this is not one of those “can you believe what’s in your beer!?1?” kind of posts.

I became interested in the idea of natural flavoring thanks to the growing popularity of “crafty” beers that are thriving using these various products, whatever they may be. Blue Moon, American’s most popular beer, uses natural flavoring. So does Leinenkugel’s line of shandies, which was one of the fastest growing segment of beers in 2013.

But Big Beer isn’t the only group using natural flavoring, as you can find it in beers from Sam Adams, Shipyard, Rogue and many other craft breweries across the country.

So why natural flavoring? Because it’s easy.
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