‘Nobody’ Cares About Independence in Beer

OK clickbait LOL headline is a J/K

Sort of.

Over on Good Beer Hunting today I’ve got a think piece that works to deconstruct the word choice beer enthusiasts have been obsessing over in recent months. “Craft” … “independent” … “good” … what does it mean? Who (actually) cares?

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One Word of Advice for the Craft Beer Newbie

word cloud-live-beer

We’re all on the clock.

The Great Inevitability of Life – it’s own end – ticks away, but still ignored by our inclination to rarely check the minute and hour hands to deal with that truth.

But ever so often, our ears are retrained to hear the staccato of their machinations, usually when some tragedy has affected us or, even worse, it’s Too Late.

We hold tight to the thought that there will always be more time, simply because we believe so. But whether we have religious tendencies or not, we are still left at the mercy of some variable outside our reach. It could be Fate or it could be the fact we just don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

This is the kind of existential quandary that has picked at my brain recently, a byproduct of unfortunate circumstances chipping away at my consciousness.
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