Why Beer Experts (Don’t) Matter

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We are a fickle species, us humans.

From the dawn of time, we’ve been wired to look outward and find connections among others, but one of the greatest challenges we face is often looking beyond our own point of view. Communities make us feel whole and relationships empower us, but in truth, this same wiring that creates bonds with others can also strengthen our internal bias.

Which puts us in a precarious position in these days of democratic Internet expertise, when everyone is an expert and all the knowledge we need is just a few finger taps away. While our technology entitlesĀ us with information from across our digital communities, it can also reinforce the idea that “experts” – real, live human beings oozing knowledge – aren’t as necessary.

So when I read “Why Beer Experts Matter” by brilliant beer writer Jeff Alworth, I got to thinking … do we really need beer experts?

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A Few Words on … “two-ounce culture”

The way of the future?

The way of the future?

We live in a time of parity. Or, at least, one of constant distraction. Not everything may have our utmost attention, but it’ll sure as hell fight for it.

Are we stuck in the era of a “two-ounce culture?” Are we, as a people, fixated on the idea that mass consumption equals enjoyment? Is it simply a matter of society today? They’re questions raised by Rob Fullmer over at the Beer PHXation Blog and echoed by Stan Hieronymus.

Whether it’s art or news or beer, there are plenty of options to be had. Now more than ever, we’re taking advantage of it.

But what I believe Rob and Stan are ultimately getting at is this: is a two-ounce culture a good or bad thing? Do we put the most value in collecting experiences?

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